ENSC 2021 in Stuttgart

The ENSC is an international meeting of model railway clubs, manufacturers and dealers from all over the world who are committed to N scale (scale 1:160).

It's less about epoch or country-specific model railroaders, but first and foremost about having fun with the common hobby in N gauge.

Swiss trains drive through North American terrain, ICEs crawl behind Era 1 steam trains and French diesel locomotives have also been spotted in Finnish regions. Working together is very important and it is not surprising that many transnational friendships, cooperations and even business relationships have developed here.

The coupling of sometimes more than 800 modules and total length more than 600 meters not only impresses thousands of visitors, but also the "professionals" of the model railway clubs.

The 10 rules

10 Rules for the European N-Scale Convention (ENSC), valid for the venue of Stuttgart Organiser: N-Club International e.V.:

  1. The ENSC is an international meeting of nationwide I-N-G-A.net clubs (members), local railway clubs (friends), invited associations (guests) and N gauge manufacturers and dealer from all over the world.
  2. The ENSC will take place regularly once a year in Stuttgart during the fair "Modell Süd"  "Modell+Technik""Spielemesse"
  3. Railway clubs or associations from several different European countries must participate at an ENSC.
  4. An ENSC should demonstrate possibilties in N gauge to the visitors and should offer all exhibitors a forum to promote N gauge.
  5. A participation at an ENSC and possible evening activities is by choice and will only take place due to ideally reasons.
  6. The organiser will announce the application date and a preliminary budget during the second quarter of a year. The application date has to be met. The announcement is binding.
  7. A possibly available budget will be divided upon the participating associations. The quota will be announced shortly after all announcements had been made. There is no claim for refund of absorptions of all costs towards the organizer.
  8. The organiser will arrange an internationl evening at the fair. All associations/manufacturers who participate at this this evening will bring typical foods or drinks from countries.
  9. The organiser will arrange an I-N-G-A.net evening. During this evening all attendants have to pay their drinks.
  10. An ENSC could also take place at other venues according to agreements.

N-Club International e.V.
Stuttgart, 17.3.2012